Welcome to Chaimex International Trade CO.,Ltd.
Company Introduction
Chaimex International Trade Co., Ltd., located in Hefei, Anhui province, specializes in producing and selling a variety of agricultural products, such as green tea and vegetables. It is a manufacturer and supplier with the aptitude for manufacturing, trading, and providing technical support.

Chaimex , as one of the leading food manufacturers, always holds that quality is the key in the process of producing good products and managing our company. We want to provide our customers with the best products and services.

In the past few years, Chaimex has been working to produce safe and healthy green tea,vegetables, condiments, and so on, which have been widely used in meat processing industry, some super market, and convenience stores. Our products include all kinds of chunmee tea and gunpowder tea,famous tea and freeze, dried vegetables, such as Garlic flakes/granules/powder, Onion flakes/granules, tomato sauce etc. over 50 items of different products.

Chaimex also cooperates with the best local manufacturers and suppliers from different countries to produce distinctive food for each customer and market. Making Chaimex products available all over the world is the objective we are working for.

To ensure the health and safety of customers, Chaimex manages the whole production line based on ISO9001 and HACCP/ISO22000, at the same time it still monitors the whole process, from the original plant production to the final products, in order to establish our own brand successfully.

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